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What are ⚡Realmojis⚡ and how to create them?

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Whoever gave birth to the first set of little yellow-faced icons expressing feelings, called “emojis,” could hardly imagine how popular they would become very short. Emojis are now an inseparable part of communication on every social media or messaging platform.

Loyal to the primary design, emojis have enhanced and expanded through the years in design and diversity. Although, as is predictable, they have not succeeded in surviving the wave of creative ideas deployed by BeReal social media, which introduced its emojis called the Realmojis.

With users starting to express their unhappiness about the atmosphere that existing social networking applications, led by Instagram and TikTok, have formed; BeReal emerged with a series of creative ideas to help them exhibit and see each other’s real, unfiltered, and not selected moments of lives.

Realmojis are considered one of the most popular creative ideas, which will replace existing emojis. This article will introduce Realmojis and explain how to create them in simple steps.

How to react to posts on BeReal?

Users usually use likes, comments, and emojis to respond to posts on social networks. On the BeReal app, the story is a little different. There are no likes, and the only ways to react to posts are by leaving comments or sending a RealMoji. Follow us with this article to find out what RealMojis are and how we can use them.

What is a Realmoji on the BeReal app?

To make emojis more interesting in alignment with its core concept, BeReal social media has introduced RealMojis, a customized form of emoji that is supposed to do the same thing but with the users’ faces, gestures, and expressions. To create your RealMoji of a particular emoji, you must try to imitate and capture it. You can then use the RealMoji you have created several times to react to BeReals.

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How to create Realmojis?

We are now going to help you create your own RealMoji in a few simple and quick steps:

  1. Open the BeReal app and find the post you like to react to and click on the smiley icon on the bottom-right corner of the post.
  2. A page with the see six emojis you can imitate opens, choose and tap the one you want to make a RealMoji for.
  3. A page giving instructions on creating your RealMoji, including the emoji you will imitate, opens. Just tap the blue button saying “OK, here we go!” to start.
  4. Imitate the chosen emoji with your face and body gesture and capture a photo. Remember that the circled area in the middle of the screen will be saved as your RealMoji.
  5. To finalize creating the RealMoji, click the send button, and your RealMoji is ready to use.

Check the below snapshots to see what you need to do to do your RealMoji:

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You can now use the RealMoji you just created as many times as you can. You can delete or change your RealMoji whenever you want later. The below video shows you how to create your own RealMoji on the BeReal application:

How to create Realmojis on the BeReal app?

How to react to BeReals with instant RealMoji?

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